Merchant Services

LesserThan gives businesses the ability to publish their own deals directly to our site, effectivly cutting out the middle men like Groupon and LivingSocial. We do not take commissions off any sales, meaning you get to keep 100% of the sale price that comes in. Why we are better:

  • Businesses do not win when they only get to keep 15% of the coupon price (e.g. Groupon & LivingSocial)
  • We offer more than one type of deal you can run (see below)
  • We do not keep a commission, we will only charge a small one-time setup fee.

LesserThan will eventually offer two different types of deals that registered merchants can create:

  1. Deal to Purchase - This type of deal requires the visitor to buy a coupon. This is the same as the typical "Groupon", and it's usually reserved for steep discounts such as 50% off and higher.

  2. Deal to Clip - This type of deal does not require the visitor to make any sort of purchase to obtain the coupon. These types of deals are usually lower in the amount of savings (i.e. 10% off appetizers), and a very easy way to get traffic to your business for very little.

Note: LesserThan does not yet have these services available. If you are a merchant and interested in learning more about one of these services as they become available, please contact us.