Frequently Asked Questions

  • •   Who runs LesserThan?

    Chris Cagle started LesserThan as a side project back in December 2010 as a daily deals aggregator. It has since grown into a corporation with a great team behind it.

  • •   What does LesserThan do?

    LesserThan is a source for everything pertaining to deals and/or coupons. We aggregate all the top daily deal sites and offer various other printable coupons.

  • •   What/Where is switched to the new name and website of LesserThan ( in June 2012 to better depict what our core business does.

  • •   Why should I register at LesserThan?

    Because we are aiming to be the best in a very crowded niche 'deal website' market. LesserThan is constantly adding new features and perks that will position us to be the best in the field.

  • •   Do I buy my deals & coupons from LesserThan?

    No. We only aggegate the deals and coupons - you download and/or purchase those deals from their specific websites... not LesserThan.

  • •   How do I unsubscribe from your daily emails?

    Login and at the bottom of the 'My Preferences' screen, change the Email Notifications setting to 'Disabled'.

  • •   How do I delete my account?

    Contact us and let us know that you'd like to have your account deleted.

  • •   Is my personal information safe?

    Absolutely. We take great pride in each and every member we have, and would never ever sell your information to anyone.

  • •   I have a problem viewing the emails LesserThan sends. What can I do?

    We are sorry about that. We send our emails in HTML format, but are also working hard to send out a plain-text version as well.

  • •   I signed up for the daily email yet I am not receiving any emails.

    It may be one of a couple things:

    • Your account may still need to be confirmed
    • You may have set your Email Notification setting to 'Disabled'
    • You may not have set a location
    • There may not be any deals for the location you are subscribed to
  • •   What is a filter?

    It allows you to see (on the site AND in your email) only the deal categories you want. You can set these filters permanently on the 'Deal Preferences' screen after you login.

  • •   How are "recommended" deals determined?

    "Recommended" deals are those that are new to our system over the last few days as well as any "hot" or "trending" deals. A deal becomes hot or trending when it starts to generate a high number of clicks compared to it's peers.

  • •   I own a daily deal site. How can I get my deals shown on LesserThan?

    Contact us and we will see what we can do for you.

  • •   I own a business. Can I add my deal to LesserThan?

    Not yet, but it is a feature we plan on adding very shortly.