About Us

Within the last 3 years over 50 local deal based companies have entered the market. Consumers are faced with hundreds of deals from tens of partners and much of it irrelevant for their needs.

LesserThan was started to help consolidate the various top online local deal sites into one, easy to use portal. We specialize in aggregating online coupon deals from sources like Groupon, LivingSocial, CrowdSavings, Tippr and more*. Our proprietary technology aggregates all these deals into set markets along with normalized categories and details. Our system makes it easy to weed out the irrelevant deals, and only display the coupons that matter to you.

What makes LesserThan different? We're glad you asked...

  • We aggregate deals for over 230 cities. That's double or triple most aggregators.
  • We don't require you to enter your email address to view our deals like some other sites.
  • If you don't fit into one of our major cities, we offer subscriptions via US zip codes as well.
  • The cleanest and easiest-to-use interface in the aggregator niche. Hands down.
  • We have a quality and great looking iPhone app.
  • We have dedicated National and Travel pages.
  • We only aggregate the deal sites that matter. We aren't going to show you 200 deals in a city - that's just ridiculous.
  • Our new daily email service allows you to customize your emails based on Category, City and/or Zip Code.
  • We have an awesome mobile-dedicated web experince for those of you always on your phone. Just simply go to our site on your phone or use this address: http://lesserthan.com/mobile/

* We do earn a commission on deals purchased through our site, yet we are not connected with any of the listed companies in any other way.

** In June 2012 BuyDeals.in switched our name and website over to LesserThan to better depict our core business.